MagicLAMP was founded by Jason Thorne in 2012 working on university research projects with python, numpy and web applications using the Django framework. We are now a group of four who regularly collaborate on projects, and have been working in providing web applications that do something useful for industries such as tour operators, health, games, education, and general business.

Jason Thorne has 25 years IT experience, and has worked with a wide range of tech across the decades. One of Jason's initial jobs was working on a pay database written in Cognos PowerHouse for an education institution back in 2000. He also wrote a lot of Perl back then.

Jason has 5 years experience in contracting for web development of applications (Django/AngularJS) that include help desk ticketing, point of sale, taxation calculation, inventory systems and invoicing.

Work Environment

The work culture embraces the fact that everyone has something to contribute, and working across technologies is good for keeping people interested and good for contingency.

The python/Django tools MagicLAMP use include WagtailCMS, Mezzanine, celery, python-social-auth, reportlab and sorl-thumbnail, and Django Debug Toolbar for counting queries. Front end technologies include CSS3, HTML5 and JQuery. We can integrate AngularJS or React to do most template rendering with Django handling Ajax calls to its http API. Some examples of my work can be seen under 'Examples' in the menu above.

The collaborative tools MagicLAMP use is Git, Slack and Breeze, but others such as Jira and SVN have also been used as dictated by the client.

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