Missing Documentation for Celery as a Daemon

Celery is really easy to set up on a development machine, but what is harder is running the workers reliably in production. the documentation expects you to understand linux services, or rc.d, and with little explanation presents a 200+ line init.d script. My needs are pretty modest. I have one task that creates a bunch of PDF files with reportlab and attaches them to an email. The only people who use this facility are a set of 4 staff members who work in the same office, and use the interface of the web application.

Confusing Javascript. Coding Style. Why Is it that Javascript is often badly written?

There are some clever things you can do in code to make things quick and simple, such as in C you can increment a counter with

Blocking the internet underbelly from your server

People selling unmentionables on the internet resort to spam. One example is the use of comments on Blog articles by robots to advertise pornography and disreputable medications. I have created several blogs, and if I enable comments without administrator approval, within several hours to a day the blog will be covered with thousands of comments advertising things you just don't want on your site.

One click resize window for Word

Documents loading up in Word generally open in preview layout, which I often find unreadable, but I can not find anyway to default to print mode, and a large number of clicks are involved in changing the view.

Facebook Integration

This article builds on the excellent tutorial at art and logic without the bootstrap css, but adding lots of screen shots. To have a function application that allows authentication through Facebook, the following tasks occur in order:

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