What We Do

  • Organising the server with an infrastructure as a service provider such as Rackspace, Digital Ocean or Amazon,

  • Installing the operating system, web server, WSGI interface, Database, media and static files

  • Providing statistical/mathematical analysis,

  • CSS and Javascript for the front end (presentation)

  • Python programming in the Django Framework

Crowdsourcing using REST

I have been programming REST backends to interface with MySQL databases using JSON over HTTP since 2010. First these were written as Perl CGIs, then using Django. I also have some experience writing the iOS front end for a dieting application. These models all follow the model given in the Figure. Gathering data using iOS application and Django

Now I work with HTML5 technologies so all the work is done by the webserver and the browser. This saves a great deal of development time, particularly dealing with iOS version obsoletion and pushing versions to clients.

Engineers auditing council assets, Archeologists recording the location of relics or detailing historical sites, creating a catalog of restaurants in a region with reviews, the power of HTML5 will allow anyone to provide this information and Django and python can analyse, visualise, report and present the information.