Location and Bing Maps

2014 June to September - Mobile Archeologist

Using Bing Maps and the device's location sensors, this web application passes location information, photographs, audio, video and text back to the Django API via javascript. This was used to record the location of relics on archeological sites. This was trialled in Anzac Cove and France and was used to good effect to catalogue over 100 relics.

When you add a relic, Javascript is used to access location information given by the operating system/device. If the device has satellite location tracking, this is accurate to a couple of meters, but even on a common browser, a general location can be obtained by the wireless tower, or even the IP.

Location, image, video and audio information

Clicking on a relic on the right zooms the map to its location, and generates the popup with the image for the relic. The other relics are indicated by orange markers on the map.

There is facility to edit records where you can change all apsects including the relic position. With changing the position, I have an interface where you can drag the relic to its new location.