June 2014 to February 2015

Django 1.6, Nginx, PostGIS

Django, South, Sorl Thumbnails

I worked on the publicity side of things described below.

Posting to Facebook and Twitter

  • Creating a Facebook application to obtain key/secret pairs to allow use of the Facebook Graph API
  • Using the Facebook Graph API to get third party authentication and authorization credentials from Facebook users.
  • Using to become a Twitter Developer and obtain Twitter Key/Secret credentials
  • Posting (or Tweeting) to the company's Twitter account
  • Posting to the user's personal and business Facebook pages
  • Creating a FB test user, caching access_key information to then to their FB pages

I am currently creating a series of blog articles related this.

HTML Emails

When an employer publishes a job, a celery process (stops the page from stalling) is spawned off, and emails are sent to any user matching the criteria for the job. Getting a formatted email to display consistently in browser based email is tricky, as Google and Hotmail email tend to rewrite the HTML for security, and they have different rules as to what they change. Once again, a blog article will go into more detail.

HTML in emails is tricky