Our Train Ride to Wollongong

Driving in Sydney on a weekend can be a trial, but working from home means that hook or crook, I need to venture out of the house every now and again. The solution is a train ride...
Scrambled Eggs for breaky
Gareth Walking to bus
Come on Gareth
Novem Sophia Walk to Bus
Moi Moi and Mummy are way ahead
Novem on Bus 1
The bus stop is a 5 minute walk to Victoria road, and they leave every 5 minutes or so. It is pretty easy to get to Parramatta where there are 4 platforms to take you to the destination of your choice.
Gareth on Bus 1
Gareth on Old Train 1
First of all an old train to central
Family at Central
Then change to the southern line....
Mum and Gareth Southern Line 3
Sophia makes this face whenever pinching mummy's ear, which she loves to do. Whenever she pinches mine, she is quite gentle......
Gareth in Tunnel
Going thru a tunnel
A quick bite for lunch after our hour long train ride down the coast. There are plenty of places we could eat, but we opt for the easy option of food court swill, so we can get to the beach quicker. This trip was about the train ride, not gourmet dining.
bite for lunch
Yay Mum! It is the beach.....
Looking at the beach
Can you see the lighthouse.....
lighthouse close up
Pretty bloody good zoom on that Sony Cyber Shot
beach 4
What about the surf life savers....
Surf Life Savers on Beach
march to playground
Lets march to the playground
Gareth catch up
Come on Gareth
Sophia catch up
Moi Moi catches up
Cute Sophia
Cool. What shall I play on first?
Sophia and mum on swing
I know, the swing. Oof! Moi Moi!
Gareth, Sophia and mum on swing
Aaaag! Gareth, no room for you too!
train back 1
And it's time to head back
Sleepy Time
A tiring day
On the way to Wollongong
Crossing the bridge.....
Train window 1
The countryside of the Royal National Park
Night time on morton street
Night time.... Everyone asleep....
Moi Moi and the Guinea Pigs
...'cause in the morning, we get to play with the Guinea Pigs