Wagtail Stream Field

This page uses Django Wagtail's StreamField in a set of desktop two column blocks that responsively converge to a single column on mobile view. A previous incarnation of this site used Django Mezzanine, a beautiful content management system with a built in blog that was a delight to use.
Wagtail Streamfield
I was developing a content management system for permanent employment for a large scalable application when I had to make a decision on the CMS tech to use, and it was a close call between Mezzanine and Wagtail. Both have a beautiful user interface, and can easily produce tailored pages. Wagtail won over in this case, because it is more of a blank slate than Mezzanine. There is less built in, and more documentation on how to create things.
So the field that generates this paragraph is a text field. However a richtext field would allow me to use one of the two editors provided by Wagtail, Hallo and Draftail. The problem I need to overcome is to get the editors to use the correct utility classes needed by tailwind. An ordered list for example has no numbers or markers by default, but needs the class list-decimal.