Thornes in Jindabyne 2023

The last week of August usually sees some heavy dumps in Perisher and Threadbo, not this year tho. There had been no snow for at least a week. There was snow still, and if a bit icy, it was still okay for sledding. To get to Jindabyne, we drove inland between Canberra and Lake George.
Lake George Jason and Kids
Driving To Jindy, at Lake George
Lake George Jason Sophia
Gonna throw you in moi moi
Lake George Novem
Novem expected it to be warm?
Lake George Jason
Jason is just cool
village 3
Getting supplies in Jindy
village 1
Four handed snow(wo)man
Quick, lets get to the snow
arrival 2
Perisher car park
Building a snow man was slow going. The snow was pretty hard
We made a lump
sledding 1
Climbing the hill
sledding 2
To the top
snow walk 5
Walking around Perisher up the hill
snow walk 4
There are several lodges up here
bounce pillow 3
Checkout time, and the kids make use of the bouncy pillow while I hand in the keys
bounce pillow 4
Mid air shot
After checkout, we still had half a day left on the national parks ticket bought for Perisher the day before. We went to Threadbo to check out the snow there. The conditions were pretty similar, though if I were wanting long downhill slopes, there are several I could see from the road. In Perisher, you can catch the chair lift up to Blue Cow I think, and ski all the way down to Perisher. The snow looked better in Threadbo, but the only thing I could find out about toboggoning in Threadbo was that it was not allowed :(
mountain stream 2
Threadbo is a small village of lodges, and the countryside around is beautiful
mountain stream 6
With the melting snow, the stream flows with clean, cold, sparkling water
ski run 1
An example of the long ski runs at Threadbo
ski run 2
Even with most of the snow gone, the views were spectacular
There was a car park where we could stop and admire the slopes
ski run 3
A close up
country walk 6
We heard there was a toboggan run just past Threadbo toward Victoria at a place called Dead Horse Gap (charming name).
country walk2
And this is also the start of a walking trail.
country walk 5
But we found no evidence of a toboggan track
country walk 3
There was a little snow, and it was pretty
So we drove back
Plenty of room in the new car, and the sun roof is great. The drive there and back was very nice. Though I loved the old commodore, we deserve a nice new(-ish) car.